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Azadeh has always worked hard to fulfill her dreams and uses that same dedication and enthusiasm to serve her real estate clients. She provides an unmatched level of professionalism, skill and service and has the tools to meet the demands of a highly competitive market place.

Azadeh’s love for this industry continues to grow with each passing year. There are many parts of the business that bring her joyfulness, but most of all, it’s making her clients happy that keeps her going. “The pleasure they get out of it, handing them the keys. It’s really my desire to help out others, that’s what drives me.”
Through all of the notoriety and fascination, Azadeh has never lost vision of what’s most important about her work. “The most rewarding part of my profession is knowing that I will change somebody’s life, your house is a huge part of your life and imagine how different your life would be if you lived in a different home.

I take excessive pleasure in knowing that someone I sell a house to could possibly live there for the rest of their life. That is very special to me.” At any price point, a home is where lives are developed and the concern to find the place where that life can flourish is one that Azadeh considers extremely.

“To be successful in this industry you have to be encouraged by the real love of selling properties,” she says. “I love, live and exhale this job.” It has been an wonderful ride so far for this young agent, and her future is one to watch as she remains to make her business and her impact on the real estate world.

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